How did your card grow?

How did your card grow?

Just a very quick post to share with you a  message i recently received, This was a message I had on my Instagram off a lovely Customer named Sarah

"Hello! I hope you're well. I've just moved into my first home and your seed card a friend gave me was the first plant of my own I planted.

These lovely white flowers appeared. I'm not sure what they are or if I should try and wait and collect seeds - or somehow try to take cuttings? If I were to the and make more plants ? (I'm trying to be a conscious gardener and environmentally friendly) X "

The attached photo was of the flowers she has now grown, I regularly plant my offcuts and print mishaps as obviously the whole point is these cards go in the garden and not the bin, but i am the first to hold my hand up I am totally rubbish at taking photos. I do However have photos of flowers i have grown from some of mine but not from start to finish.. Note to self...….. Take more photos!

If any of you have your own photos of cards you have planted please contact me and I will add you to a gallery.