How are we today?

How are we today?

Hello to anyone who has landed on this page to read me waffle on! As I haven't had chance to do any sort of update since the new website going live I thought it was time to just nip on here and see how you are all doing?

Strange times at the minute with being in lockdown limbo...… are we going to get our lives back to " Normal " anytime soon, June 21st...… nope, maybe in another few weeks? who knows. All I do know is there is no point in worrying about it and we just have to make the best of what we can. To all intents and purposes we can pretty much do most things again now, but I for one cannot wait to be able to fully ditch these masks- I personally have bad asthma and I really struggle if I have to put one on for more than a couple of minutes but I suppose in the scheme of things these are 1st world problems. I am however very grateful to have been double jabbed though since April! 

So what is new? I have added some new designs to the range this year including a Stag, Robin, Spaniel, Field Mouse, Donkey, to name a few. I moved into my new studio earlier this year so there hasn't been much time for drawing but I do know my lovely followers are always looking out for new designs so I hope I haven't disappointed too much. 

I have also been working on a very exciting product that we launched recently. I collaborated with the lovely Jennifer from @thegoatsoapcompany rebranding and launching SOAPLANTABLES, to create a fully plantable wildflower wrap for her gorgeous range of goat milk soaps, shampoo and shaving bars. Her range is zero plastic and now with these new labels the soaps are zero waste- a fantastic achievement and a really fantastic range of products that I can endorse personally as I use their shampoo bars myself. 

As well as working with Jennifer I have also been working with several other business owners who have wanted to be a little more eco conscious with their packaging by switching to my plantable thank you cards to include with their orders. A brilliant way to up your packaging game whilst being eco friendly and rewarding your customers with a small gift of wildflowers that they can grow from the cards.


Shhhhh i hear you all saying- it's June!   Well at Emma Metcalf Designs headquarters I always have to be forward thinking to this time of year, not only is it by far my favourite time of year but after my baptism of fire last year with my first Christmas trading I realised I will have to be super organised. 

I have 2 very exciting eco products to launch to you all in the next couple of months that will go in my shop on pre order. I have drawn and put together a few Christmas card ideas although the problem is the more I draw the more I change my mind, and trust me only picking 10 is incredibly hard, especially as I know some of last years designs are already being requested to reappear this year?? 

Do I launch 2 sets? do I stick with 1 new set that is completely different, do I do 1 set that is a mix of old and new? I would love to know your thoughts, feel free to spam me with all your ideas, I love to hear them all and I love to know which your favourite design is to see if it will make the final cut! Also do I bring back the mini cards? aaarghhh so many things to think about.

For now I will leave you cursing the fact I mentioned the C word already and look forward to you spamming me with all your Christmas requests x