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About Emma Metcalf Designs

Here you will find the outlet for all my creations, I always aim to please and love any ideas for new products. I've been crafting all my life and its basically what i get up in the morning for, the vision of building the dream- for one day my products and creations to go global.

Making small steps to make Greetings cards something that are no longer bad for the environment by making #Plantable seed cards, my cards are embedded with wildflower seeds so when you are finished with them you simply tear them up and plant them. THROW THEM IN THE GARDEN- NOT THE BIN x

If you like what you see or what you have bought then please share with all your friends and help me get the message out there that cards dont need to go in landfill -but most of all I genuinely hope you like my work.

Huge sincere thank you for taking the time to read this and please favourite me if you like what you see as new products will constantly be updated.

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